Tuesday, January 19, 2010

#2 cause of death amongst teenagers...

WOW. Did you know the #2 cause of death amongst teenagers is... HOMICIDE?

I would have guessed car accidents (which turns out to be the #1 cause of death).

I googled it for an answer to a homework question for my son and found three different websites that agreed on the same information. Hmm.

Makes me curious to know more about the homicides. Are they accidental shootings (kids playing with guns), gang shootings (centralized in certain states), or murders (the intentional killing of a victim, or school shootings)?

Do you have teenagers and guns in your house?

Maybe the homicides are not committed with guns. Maybe knives? I think guns.

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  1. I think the question is do you watch violent T.V and allow your kids to play violent video games? You would be shocked at how many violent images our kids are exposed to in our own homes.
    You may be interested in reading a book by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman. He is a West Point professor who has written many books on violence. (I own several if you want to borrow one)He is the worlds foremost expert in the field of human aggression.
    Kids killing kids is a real epidemic. We need more parents like you who want to learn why. Keep up the good work Margo!