Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Going Green

It's a good thing so many agents in the publishing industry accept manuscripts via email these days. We need to kill less trees.

Here's a picture of my husband's truck loaded to the brim with Christmas trees.

Yup... trees.

Where did they all come from and where are they going?

There was a Christmas tree lot near our home. The day after Christmas, these people (along with their trucks, trailers, campers, poles, lights, and satellite dish) were gone. Piles of trees remained.

The young men at our church are having a bon fire for an activity (tonight, actually) and so my son tracked down the "owners" of the fallen, abandoned, left-behind trees and asked if he could have them. The owner said, "Please, take them all."

My darling husband and son loaded UP the truck.

The trees will be burned for "fun" by a bunch of youth tonight while they look on and eat donuts.

It's a good thing I didn't need those trees to produce paper... to print my manuscript... to submit to agents.

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  1. I love bonfires! I don't think my kids have ever been to one...hmm. They don't have them in Las Vegas that I can recall.