Saturday, January 9, 2010

Papyrus versus Times New Roman

All over the internet - editors' blogs, agencys' websites, and/or publishers' contest rules - you will find that they ask for "standard" formatting for your submission.

For example: "Please format with double spacing, 12-point font Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins." (from Flogging the Quill, link below).

And, they take their fonts VERY seriously.

I was reading (not my favorite site, but eye opening, nonetheless) and saw a link titled: "what is possibly the best font joke in the entire history of the universe" - - and I couldn't help myself. I clicked on it.

Good gracious. Really? It was a long blog post about the movie AVATAR with 177 comments following it up. No, it wasn't a movie review. It was a post that went on and on about how the FONT chosen for the title of the movie and the subsequent subtitles ruined the entire movie. Really? I thought it was the naked blue boobs that ruined the movie for me. Apparently, I got it wrong. It was the FONT. *head slap*

Here's just one of the 177 comments from that amazing nutso post:

"In response to Lamar's comment, I typed out AVATAR in Papyrus and I do believe the movie uses Papyrus, but it is highly edited to get rid a lot of the grunge. If you look at the curves in the T and R in particular, you'll see almost identical curves to them, also the designer detached the connecting lines in the A's an R, as well as adding little serifs on all of the letters. And even if I am wrong, I have no idea what designer would choose a font that was so close to Papyrus that everyone would think that it is Papyrus."

Really? I hope the use of Papyrus in Avatar didn't keep these 177 people up all night long. Get a grip.

Here's my idea of a funny font joke:

What's your favorite font? What?! You've never even considered the question? Well think about it and post it in the comments below. (for the fun heck of it)

Or do you have a funnier font "joke" than the ones above?


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