Monday, January 25, 2010

Stay off the Internet!

Seriously... the Internet oftens sucks the time right off my clock! I say, "I'm gonna spend just a few minutes researching (yah, right!) blogs and then I'll get to work!" Is it my fault the world suddenly starts spinning faster? Although, I am CERTAIN only minutes have passed, when I look at the clock - BAM! - two hours, gone.

So... in an attempt to achieve a goal, I've stayed off the Internet the last several days (mostly). It's helped, quite a bit (sadly). I love my computer.

None-the-less... I'm continuing with my goal this week. "What's that?" you ask. Let me tell you, briefly, because I have to get off the Internet.

My goal is complete another revision of my debut novel, Manifested. My blog "research" has made it clear that many agents reject based on word count alone. Furthermore, my research indicates my orginal beginning needs to be thrown in the trash (ouch). So... by 1/31/10, I will have cut 25,000 (seriously) words from the original 99,000 word Young Adult manuscript and improved the beginning.

Wanna help? Read the revised first chapter in the "notes" section of the Margo Kelly fanpage on Facebook:
and give me your brutal honest opinion. Personally, I think it still needs to be improved, changed, or trashed... sigh.

Back to work - in the world of Manifested. Oh, by the way, later today or tomorrow, I will put up a new (revised) description of Manifested on the website along with pictures from the Manifested "world." Check back tomorrow for more details.

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