Monday, April 5, 2010

Printable coupons

Did you know you can google coupons for some of your favorite stores? Then you print off the coupon, take it into the store, and possibly save 40% on the purchase of one item.

As I was doing this a few days ago, I thought, "Wish I could google a coupon for free agent advice, or 40% off the time my journey will take to get an agent." ha. Wouldn't that be nice?

Then I realized. There are many opportunities for the unpublished writer to get some of these "discounts" online. Visiting different agent blogs and writer's forums on a regular basis can often alert you to a contest or agent advise that you might not get otherwise.

Here's a contest you might want to check out:
Dear Lucky Agent Contest for Middle Grade and Young Adult

Who knows? Maybe you will win a free agent critique of your first ten pages! Can't hurt to try, and it's easy to enter. So, check out the link and let me know if you win! (or even if you enter!) I'm entering today.

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