Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The police are involved!

Oh my... I haven't worked on my current work-in-progress for six weeks... YES! Really! Six weeks. I've been super busy starting a new job and finishing up girls' camp and just getting used to the summer schedule with kids home and kids at volleyball and kids on youth trips and kids in summer programs. OH MY. {deep breath}

So, I knew I had today to get back at it. But... I had trouble deciding if I should just flat out pick up where I left off and continue writing, or if I should read through (not revise, just read) what I've alread written. Due to the fact that I have a compulsive personality, I had to read from the beginning.

Well... I just finished reading all 167 pages and I'm astonished that I could walk away from the writing at such a crucial moment in the story! The police are involved, the main character is in BIG trouble, the bad guy is lurking, and the mom is TICKED OFF!

I feel a little wound up now! Like I was reading an interesting story, it just got to the good part, and someone yanked the book out of my hands!

HA! I want to know what's going to happen next. What will the police do? What will my main character do? And what will the bad guy do? EEK!

But, I can't just turn the page and find out. I need to write the page first.

So, I'm back to work.

I hope you will enjoy "The Education of Thia" (when you can buy it off a book shelf at your favorite book store!!!) as much as I have.

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  1. Okay! I am getting to one of the first to read this one, right? I hope so!