Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Creating Order from Chaos

Yesterday, I read an interesting article in the June issue of Woman's Day magazine.

Click here to read the article online.

One part of the article read, "One great way to give yourself a mood boost is to tackle an untidy area one step at a time. Get rid of some things you don't use (you probably don't need eight glass vases that came with floral arrangements). Chuck broken things" (Woman's Day, June 2010, page 16).

Then... I received a very helpful critique of the first chapter of The Education of Thia. (From my fabulous new critique partner Christi!!)

Click here to read a description of the story!

One part of the critique read, "I wonder why you use this? ... Clarify or dump it."

Ha. Perfect.

So, I plan to give myself a mood boost today and tackle one untidy area at a time. Ha. Chapter by chapter, line by line, word by word, I will tidy up my manuscript and make it the best thing ever! Well... besides chocolate and sex and love and ... okay, maybe I'll just make it the best possible story it can be!

Off to work.

But, first, let me know what chaotic thing in your life you plan to eliminate, or improve, today?


  1. What could really us organizing (but is pretty overwhelming) is my google documents folders containing my many, many, many poems. I also need to get off my ass and submit the !! things, which I have been doing far too little of lately.


  2. Margo,
    I'm so glad you liked the critique and didn't think I was too harsh :)
    I can hardly wait to read the next installment!

  3. When you're cleaning the kitchen (as I did today), make sure you throw out the scraps, wash the dishes, and put everything nicely away where it belongs before wiping down the counters.

    Similarly, when editing, make sure you think about your language, scenes, and chapters, and recognize what is a scrap vs. what is a dish that just needs cleaning, or even a pride of place on display.

    I have no idea what I'm going to tidy/organize next - probably just try to find my missing wallet and tidy as I look.

  4. Margaret - submit those poems! Do it!
    Christi - hope you like it!
    Phil - maybe you'll find some money while you look for your wallet! ha.

    Thanks for stopping by and posting!