Sunday, November 21, 2010


As a YA author, I was thrilled at the idea of judging speech and debate competitions this weekend. Here's what I learned from Friday night's speech competition:

1. Teenagers are SO SMART! These people were (for the most part) well prepared, well spoken, and well behaved. I was really impressed.

2. Teenagers believe (for the most part) that adults don't understand them. One guy said during a panel competition "...there's no way a fifty-year-old balding guy can understand how we feel. He can't even remember back that far to what it was like to be a teenager..."

So, when adults attempt to write YA... sometimes they forget these two very important points.

I love teenagers (for the most part). Ha. Kidding... Kinda.

What do you remember about being a teenager?


  1. Hello Margo! You are absolutely right about teenagers being so smart. I think teenagers now are smarter than we were when we were their age. They read books now that I couldn't imagine I would have read when I was a teen.

    I remember being so insecure when I was a teenager. I thought nobody liked me. I remember beginning to like make-up and talking about boys with my bestfriend. :)

    Nice post, Margo. :)

  2. Seeing as I'm only 23... I remember a fair amount still! I remember being very annoying and thinking we were the coolest in the world. ;)

  3. I find it humourous - and frustrating - when my daughters won't take my advice because what do I know, I'm just an adult. Of course, I'm quick to point out - when my ignored advice turns and bites them in the hiney - that I'm not as stupid as they think I am;-)

    I remember being very insecure, which held me back in a lot of areas in my life.

  4. Teenagers are the best at being in the present. Life is at a standstill. They can think only of what they want now and they believe that the age they are will last forever. Or at least...that's how I was!