Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Hateful Wench!

How do you respond to criticism? Frankly... sometimes... I LIKE IT!! :)

Saturday, I worked retail selling sewing machines all day, and there were a LOT of customer "issues" (that's an euphemism for annoying problematic people... 'cause you just never know if a specific person might be reading the blog - so better to speak in "code"). ha.

So, after a long day, the final customer left the store, and one of the employees from the fabric side of the store hollered across the room to me, "Margo, you've been quite the hateful wench today." I thought for a moment, considering the source and the intent, and reflected on my behavior throughout the day.

I hollered back, "You could be right... because if I'm NOT a hateful wench, I'd have to be the opposite. And, what exactly would the opposite be? A loving virgin?" ha. That I'm not. At least not in public. bwahahahahahaha.

I'm only half-sure this other employee was teasing - - I certainly hope I didn't come across to the customers as hateful. That was NOT my intent. While patience is not one of my talents, I tried to nod and smile while dealing with everyone that day. And... I sold several machines. So, I must've done something right! :)

I love words. I loved being called a hateful wench, and I love typing the words out on the screen.

And, one of the things I love most about being a writer is the freedom to either kill off those annoying problematic people or at least give them bad acne in a plot line... and not suffer real world consequences for my actions (in the written word of course).



  1. I think I'd get "Hateful Wench" added to my name tag, if it were me. ;)

    I agree that it's fun to do horrible things to people in writing with no consequences.

  2. Hahaha my own mother calls me terrible things because I have this way of cutting nasty people to size.

    Or should I say... whittling them down to toothpicks?

    Anywho. I always laugh myself silly when people I live/work/socialise with find new and creative ways to mildly insult me. I have a weird sense of humor.

  3. Haha, isn't being a writer wonderful? I don't think (?) I'm hateful in real, public life, but I can express my frustration with them in my writing. Yeah! Give 'em acne or a problem they can't get out of. ;o)