Saturday, January 8, 2011

Be a GREAT Writer? Here's how:

Wanna be an amazing writer? Simple. Read these two blog posts:

Click Here
Click Here

Okay. Maybe not "simple" but the more we learn and practice, the closer we get... :-)

Do you have a favorite website that you read daily for writing inspiration?


  1. If you haven't, check out Adventures in Children's Publishing, particularly their Friday round up of thorough links of writing helps (they'll keep you busy for HOURS):

    Adventures in Children's Publishing

  2. Yup, those two sites are where I go! I LOVED the article from Writer Unboxed-- I read it the other day and wanted to hug Donald Maas for the insight it gave me for my new novel. I bookmarked it and actually rolled it into my writing process. Thanks for sharing these!