Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What Does Your Stuff Say about YOU?

"Of all the contexts in which we can learn about people — meetings, interviews, behavioral tests, personality questionnaires," Gosling writes, "bedrooms are the ones that give the most reliable information." For example, if you want to gauge if someone's truly tidy, you have to actually open the dresser drawer to check if the socks are rolled and filed by color.

read more from this USA today article here: STUFF

... so I'm wondering ... what does the bedroom of your m.c. look like? Have you included that in your ms?


  1. Does it count as "filed by colour" if you only have one colour of sock?

    My MC's room is tidy, but the main feature is her armchair with a stack of books next to it.

  2. Wow, socks organized by color. I don't do that, but they ARE neatly stacked, and my closet has all my long sleeved shirts in separate sections from my short sleeved ones and my dresses. *grin* As far as my MCs--I had a messy one, whose little sister kept nudging her strewn shirts over an imaginary line in the middle of the floor in their shared room. ;o)

  3. Yes, I have described parts of my MC's bedroom other than the bed. Hehehe.