Friday, January 14, 2011

WHAT'S YOUR SIGN? ... Root of Personality Disorders - Mystery Solved!

**disclaimer: please read this post with the jest (aka sarcasm) intended; if you're offended, please mention this post on your blog and on twitter, so I can get more followers; thanks**

.... Now to the regularly scheduled post ...

Have you ever stopped to wonder why so many people suffer from some sort of personality disorder?

I think I've stumbled upon the answer (thanks Twitter).

We've had the zodiac signs ALL WRONG!

Click here to read the breaking news! OH MY!

Thought you were a gemini with two personalities (aka my mom) ?? - NOT any more! Now, you're a taurus - ROAR!

How many times has someone asked you your sign, and then they'd nod and say, yeah, I can see that. Well, no wonder so many people suffer from personality disorders. We've had it all wrong. We've constantly been told we're one thing... when in FACT we are another! And if you're really lucky, now you're a OPHIUCHUS.

Wait a minute... my son is now an ophiuchus... *pause while I run and google it*

 Okay - whew! No worries. Apparently the sign is related to a big strong man who can wrangle giant serpents. Cool. One site said Ophiuchus-es are seekers of knowledge, envied by others, hold a strong sense of authority, and will leave home at a young age ... WAIT!? What? Maybe my son does NOT need to know this!

*pause* Twitter update... now they're saying the new zodiac signs only apply to people born after 2009! What? Make up your mind! Now my son is no longer an Ophiuchus... back to being a lowly Saggitarius, an archer who is optimistic and wealthy. Okay. I can live with that.

Anyhow... I digress.

So, if you're currently taking medication for a personality disorder, please visit the above site, find your NEW zodiac sign (even if you were born before 2009 - it could explain your problems!). Then, put your mind at ease. Or if you prefer, just close your eyes and point. Select your sign that way. Or just read all of the descriptions and choose the one you like the best, and then maybe... just maybe... medication will no longer necessary. *please consult your doctor before discontinuing any previously prescribed medications*

If only the world had known sooner, think of how many problems could have been averted... oh wait, the world did know sooner... but those silly Babylonians changed it because they didn't want a 13th zodiac sign. Oh yeah.

Hey, what's your sign? Did it change? Are you happier? Or are you just jealous of the 13th sign?


  1. So funny! I'm a Scorpio, a true one and way too old to be squeezed into Libra.....Balanced? I laugh in the face of balanced!
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Well that's interesting... but the nw chart makes me a Scorpio and I have to say, I'm much more like a Sagittarius.

  3. Margo ... I wasn't at all offended.Phhht! I'm truly a Vergo. I was born before those pesky Babalonians!

    I liked this post so much--and needed to distract my readers from the fact I'm too lazy to blog something new--I've posted this at Lorelei's Muse. Plus, I wouldn't mind the traffic from viewers from Romania, and such.

  4. I guess I'm still an Aries? (aka - a temperamental, stubborn pain-in-the-ass who thinks he knows everything)

    So confused ... :)

  5. It said I would be a Pisces now, but I totally reject that! I'm Aries all the way.

  6. Ha. Thanks for your comments everyone! :)

  7. Whew, I'm still a Leo! Would have been such a weird thing if it had changed.

    So glad I'm not that new 13th sign. Mainly because I can't pronounce it.

    Happy to be a new follower!