Friday, February 25, 2011

4 Tips 4 Writing Awesome YA

Want to learn how to write AWESOME YA? Here are four simple tips for writing a great young adult manuscript:

#1: Hang Out With Young Adults

#2: Listen to Young Adults

#3: Observe Young Adults

#4: Play with Young Adults

Okay... Okay... Maybe there are a few other necessary skills required for writing AWESOME books for young adults. But this is certainly a fun way to start! :-)

And, frankly, it is necessary for the research!

What research methods do you utilize for your writing?


  1. Ha,

    great pictures.

    I totally agree about the research for YA. Certainly if you are writing contemporary like me.

    I was a high school teacher, i have younger siblings and i have plenty of friends just coming out of the YA world. So i have had plenty of exposure to the world they live in.

    certainly helps.

    oh i also ask them to anonymously send in replies to questions (about life and things)

    stupid stuff, "explain the last party you went to"

    "which of your friends got a car first and how did that affect your group of friends"

    blah blah. I have a few people that are happy to send them back to me.

    quite useful interviews.

    anyway that is what i do, and again, i love the pictures.

  2. Great tips and pictures! Thanks for making me laugh this morning. =)

    I was told by my agent that my characters thought and acted like teens, but spoke like adults. This led me to Google how to talk like a teenager. The results were entertaining, but not so helpful. (I blogged about it here.)

    Great post!


  3. Too funny! Even when they think they're super grown up, teenagers are pretty good at getting silly. Great photos :)

  4. I think you're right! Sometimes YA books seem too adultish because the writer doesn't remember what kids are like or what they like.

  5. I would imagine that the above would also keep you young at heart through the remainder of your life :) Good practice imo.

  6. Awesome. Probs why I hang out with YAs all day long. They're hilarious!

  7. Great advice and pics. Way to bring extra fun to writing. :-)

  8. Ha! Very funny. I have a teen niece and nephew and we talk a lot about books (including mine).

    I gave you an award, you can pick it up here:

  9. Great bunch of kids in the pics. Such fun. I am fortunate enough to have four teenagers in the house of my own and their friends and all the drama that comes with it helps me find some inner YA.

  10. I love young adults--they are SO bursting with fun, yet wrapped in layers of consciousness for fear of being judged.

    First, I listen and obey my muse. I'm quite the pantser! ;) Second, I research where it takes me. Third, I have fun! It's the editing that is droll. But I do my best to enjoy every stage. ;)

    Great post, it was cute!

    ♥.•*¨ Elizabeth ¨*•.♥

  11. Sounds like good advice to me, and fun to boot.

  12. These are some remarkably happy young adults you are hanging out with!

  13. It's not only a fun way to start, but a smart way to start. Seeing them in action is invaluable.