Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Increase Your Blog Traffic

Are you working hard to build your blog and increase your traffic? Well, there's a "crusade" going on  that you might be interested in joining.

Rach Writes: "We write insightful posts and articles, actively blog within the blogosphere, take part in challenges, competitions, and contests galore. We have the passion and the drive to make it, but…we could all do with a bit of support. So I started thinking. What if we link all these people together? What if we create a way to meet people in a similar position, people who genuinely want to help build our online platform while at the same time building theirs? People who want to pay it forward in the spirit of writerly writerness and blogging beautificity (and see it come back to them in turn)."

JOIN the Crusade at:


  1. Great idea, although I have to admit that now I've reached 100 followers, I'm happy with my little "family" and would like to continue writing my blog posts and working on my WiP w/o worrying about a bigger/better platform. I've made some great friends and critters in the process, and love the interchange.

    If my readership increases, great! but otherwise, I'm not going to solicit it further. Have a great week!

  2. Hey Margo, *waves* Lovely to meet you, and welcome to the Crusade.



  3. Hello, crusader dear! Looking forward to getting to know you better through our challenges :-)