Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Say Something Nice!

Hey, it's easier for some of you than it is for others... but SAY SOMETHING NICE today... No, no. Not to *ME*... say something nice to this eleven-year-old aspiring writer:

Click HERE to visit Christi Corbett's Blog and SAY SOMETHING NICE!!

And, just in case you have NOTHING nice to say, you may leave those un-nice comments here. I can take it. Really. I can. I receive query rejections and writing critiques on a daily basis. I have a thick skin... and not just because I'm chubby!!


  1. What a nice thing you're doing.

  2. Thanks for putting up the link to Christi's blog for my daughter, the outpouring of support is heartwarming. Rebecca's Mom

  3. Margo,

    You're the best! Thanks for the link and love!

    Christi Corbett