Wednesday, April 27, 2011


The letter W stands for family.


Yes, really. The letter W stands for Wannetta, who is my mother.  My grandmother's mother came across the plains and a young Native American girl helped her. The girl's name was Wannetta. My great grandmother was so impressed with her that she named her daughter Dortha Wannetta. My grandmother named her daughter Wannetta May. My mother named me Margo Wannetta. I named my daughter Katherine Wannetta.

Family traditions ... and the origins of them. :)


  1. What a lovey bit of family history attached to a name passed down through the generations.

  2. Very cool! I hear some unusual names at school and I like hearing one with an actual reason and some heart in it.

  3. Cool tradition! My family's tradition seems to be naming girls Patricia :D

  4. What a beautiful tribute to that long-ago woman. Each generation will have a piece of the story forever.

  5. Gosh I've not heard that name before. Lovely tribute post :O)


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