Thursday, May 5, 2011

Teenagers! ACK - - I love them!!

My 17-yr-old son is in Washington DC this week. I miss him! I *think* he is having a good time. He is a man of few words. He texted twice on Monday after I dropped him off curbside at the airport.

First text read: Minneapolis
Second text read: DC BABY!!!

My husband said, "Hey - at least you know where he is!"

Tuesday morning my son texted at 6:15am (Idaho time) and said his body clock was messed up. We texted back and forth for a couple of minutes, and then no texts from him since then. I was REALLY hoping he'd text me a picture of him standing in front of a monument. Nope.

I asked my husband, “Do you think he’s still alive?” Can you imagine my husband’s response to me?

Last night I received a voice mail from my son saying, “Dad said I had to call you and let you know that I might still be alive. Love you.”

At least, I think it said “love you” at the end … my daughter thought it sounded like “gotta go” … Dang. Who knew I could love a teenager so much?


  1. That's great! You must be so proud to have such a resourceful, independent son.

  2. He's probably having a great time! And I'd go with the "love you" version of the voice-mail, too. :)

  3. LOL. Thanks for sharing. I'm sure I'd be the same way. Love that your husband gave him the what-two-four about calling you.

    And, I'm sure he said, "Love you." Positive. =D

  4. Funny story. You sound like a great mother. Oh the memories you must have.

  5. Knowing him, he's having a great time. And, thank goodness for the convenience and speed of texting. What would we do without it?

    Love the photo. I know 3 of those teenagers!

  6. Yep, I'm sure he will be having fun ;)

    Love this. My eldest is also seventeen.
    And he still tells me he loves me several times a day. At least you know you're doing something right! But they are a worry.

    warm wishes

  7. Gotta love teenaged boys and their overly verbose (not!) ways. At least your son did more than grunt in those texts :D

  8. When my son traveled to Boston as a teen ager I decided to be mom of the year. He would be gone a week and I wrote him a sweet little note for each day of his trip to be opened every day. I enclosed each loving note in an envelope with care.

    When he got home I found that all my notes were still unopened in his suitcase. He had not enough time to open them, or so he said. Ah kids!
    Thanks for visiting my blog today!

  9. You'll all be pleased to know that he made it home Sunday afternoon safe and sound.

    Ah. I love that kid!

    Thanks for your comments everyone!