Tuesday, July 12, 2011

FBD: Week One Details

I know you've been sitting on the edges of your seats waiting for the details from WEEK ONE of the FLAT BELLY DIET!

Wait no longer!

I will answer several questions.

1. How much did it actually cost?
2. How hard was it?
3. Was the food delicious or choke-worthy?
4. Was it worth the effort?
5. Problems and/or successes ...

How Much Did it Cost?

Yikes! I nearly had a heart-attack when I learned the total for the first week's grocery list. However, after re-reading several pages of the book a little bit more closely, I came to learn that the first week's grocery list actually includes MANY items that will be used throughout the entire month. For example, you purchase a TON of raw nuts and seeds that you will use for the entire 28 day program. Also, we bought a TON of olives, and the first week's worth of menus never used a single olive.  So, keeping that in mind:

Our GROCERY BILL for the first week, for four people = $413.98

There were a few items we did NOT purchase on the list, including Macadamia nuts and Pishtachios, because we could not find the raw unsalted kind. However, we also added snack size ziplocs to the bill so that we could package up all of the nuts in serving size portions. We did the majority of the purchase at WinCo, but we could only find the Kashi Whole Grain Waffles at Fred Meyer.

For one person, that would be $103.50.

When we saw the grocery total, we panicked a bit, thinking, "We cannot sustain this price for a month. There's no way." But, again, when we realized many of the items were purchased for the entire month, we felt better. And, when we saw the price tag for week two, we calmed down significantly. (You'll find out that total next week!)

How Hard Was it?

After doing the four day jump start, this week seemed super easy. The daily calories increased from 1200 to 1600, and that increase made it so my son didn't feel hungry between the meals. Occassionally, we found ourselves hungry, but not constantly. So, that was nice.

The menus were varied and simple to follow. That's really important to me.

The hardest part of the program was weighing, measuring, and preparing the meals for my husband to take to work the next day.

Was the food delicious or choke-worthy?

Overall, the food was delicious. However, there was one TOTALLY choke-worthy gag-inducing meal. I will blog about that tomorrow or the next day. And, on the other hand, there was one meal that I EXPECTED to gag on, and I LOVED it!! This, too, will be in a separate post.

We agreed we would try each meal (or item) at least once and give it a fair chance. But, we also agreed if we thought something was awful, we'd make appropriate substitutions (the program allows this and explains how to substitute).

Our favorite "meal" ... was the Strawberry Chocolate Waffle. Serious. It should be a dessert, not a meal. You take one Kashi Whole Grain Waffle, top it with 1/4 cup Dark Chocolate chips, and broil it in the oven until the chocolate melts and the waffle toasts. Then you take it out and top it with one cup of fresh strawberries.  HOLY MOLY. Talk about heaven!! I've never had anything that yummy on a "diet" before!!

I wish I would have taken a picture of it - - because it was SO PRETTY - - but it just looked to yummy to delay consumption.

Was it worth the effort?

My son loves the food, and is thrilled with all of the menu choices. His weight stayed the same, but he felt it was worth it for the yummy food alone.

My daughter is very pleased with the program (see previous post about her increased stamina). She dropped 1.5 pounds during this week one of the program.

My husband is thrilled. He loves having me pack his meals for him, and he feels like he is eating more than before and still dropping pounds. He went down 5 pounds during the week. He has not added any exercise.

I am enjoying the program because of simplicity and because the food has been delicious. I was a little sad when my "weigh-in" showed only 1 pound dropped, but I didn't feel cheated because I'd enjoyed the food on the program. PLUS, two additional factors in my week: I only exercised once during the week, and I went camping with the girls. During the campout, I took "approved" foods, but I also ate one hot dog (yum), four cookies (yum), and a muffin. :) So, considering all of that, only losing one pound was still worth the effort I put into the program. This week, I'm adding back in the water aerobics. Determination is on my side!

Problems and/or successes

The grocery shopping went more smoothly this time, but largely because my husband went with me and we team-worked it.

The only "problem" ... I mentioned above ... the campout. I was concerned about it, but planned and packed my food ahead. I thought it turned out to be a success. I still enjoyed a few treats, but didn't ruin my program.  I was also concerned that my husband would quit the program while I was gone. He had to pack his own meals, and he and the kids had to prepare the food items for themselves. They did great, and as a result, they know how to utilize the book and don't need to ask me what we're eating next. They now look it up themselves and get going ... That's great!

My daughter even mentioned to me that doing this program is helping her pass off a value experience for her young women's program at church. Helping plan, shop, and prepare meals for mutliple weeks!

I still think our taste buds are changing, because I thought I'd never be able to eat unsalted nuts ... but I'm enjoying them!

Check back tomorrow for the details on the yummy and not-so-yummy foods from week one. :)