Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Character Development: EVIL vs. GOOD

So ... I had a great conversation last night after a business meeting, discussing the bare bones of leadership.

I've continued to think about the conversation throughout the night ... do you ever do that? Ponder things WHILE you sleep? Anyway, I digress.

Leadership ... you can go about it many different ways ... including the nice way and the mean way.

A book I've previously read on the topic:

This was an excellent book, based on excellent principles. A great way to be a positive leader.

But, last night, the book that was recommended to me was:

Here's what one reviewer on wrote:

"i learned to be eviiiilll with this book....haha actually this book made me realize how shady people can be. Plus how smart you and ambitious you should be about succeeding in life. You got to stand out in this world. If you roll with the bunches you'll become lost. You always have to have a good reputation or if you have a certain reputation you better use it to your advantage (damn im evil hahaha). This book will expose and teach you alot about the real world. One of my first books i really read and enjoyed. it motivated me to keeping learning about myself and people. i highly recommend it."

... okay ...

Which made me think: what a great basis for character development in your writing. There's a big difference between authentic leadership and pursuit of power.

Furthermore, what a great research tool for your writing! Read these books on leadership and power, and decide which book your character would prefer.

What do you think?

Do you think there's a difference between leadership and power? Have you read either book? 


  1. I have not read either book but motivation to succeed and a desire to attain that at any cost can drive people to do evil things. It's all a balance between selfishness and attaining goals. Generally the more selfish a person is, the more evil will result.

  2. I do htink there's a difference between leadership and the pursuitof power, but I also don't think we've had a genuine leader in a long time. Everyone in a postion of power over the last few years seems to be motivated by self-interest. I may have become somewhat jaded.


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