Friday, June 22, 2012

3 Reasons Why Research is SO DISTRACTING

So ... a character in my WIP needs a car, but not just ANY car, and not a typical car. I typed into Google: "pictures of ugly old small pickup trucks"

Here's what I got:

Distraction #1:

Distraction #2:

And Distraction #3:


I love Google.

Refocus. Eyes on the keyboard.

Back to writing!

And ... have a great weekend! :)


  1. Ugh, research! I used to complain about how boring it was when all we had was the school library. But Google is 10x worse because of how easily it distracts us. Sigh...

    I've been putting off research for my WIP. It's supposed to be about cancer, yet I've written around it as much as possible. 47,000 words and barely one mention of it. Oy. Maybe I should leave it out altogether, huh? But that would be boring. And lazy.

    Does anyone have a medical journal? And a log cabin with NO wi-fi?

  2. Oh, I hear you!
    And I can't tell you how many times I've spent an hour or more researching something that later gets cut.

    Like what phase the moon would be on a certain date in June of 1867.

    And then -- zip -- the editor's little delete symbol appears over my description of the sky ...

  3. Sacrilege I tell you. That first one is an El Camino. Collectors item. My son will kill for it--so long as it was a deer, bunny or squirrel who owned it. Now, #3 has most definitely been whup up on by an ugly stick. Probably the owner too.

    Ah, research is a hole I frequently get lost in, lol!


  4. Hahahaha! Boy, can I RELATE to this! My writing has 'bunny trail' written all over it. Perfect Friday post.

  5. I know!!! I am constantly Googling to check some fact or other and before I know it I'm side-tracked by ten other things I've found. Computer technology: a blessing and a curse.