Friday, June 29, 2012

The Blake Snyder Beat Sheet

I haven't been able to write the last two days, because the obligations of life got in the way. (blech) So when I sat down to write this morning, I struggled to begin, but after reading over my "Beat Sheet" I felt reinspired to get my story down on paper.

Here's the short version of Blake Snyder's Beat Sheet, but you really need to read his book to understand it fully:

1. Opening Image
2. Theme Stated
3. Set-Up
4. Catalyst
5. Debate
6. Break into Two
7. B Story
8. Fun and Games
9. Midpoint
10. Bad Guys Close In
11. All is Lost
12. Dark Night of the Soul
13. Break into Three
14. Finale
15. Final Image

Having the basic bones of the story roughed out, helped me remember and refocus where I want my new story to go.

I'm off to write now. I hope you have a GREAT weekend.


  1. I REALLY have to write Save the Cat sometime soon. Although I'm not much of a planner in my writing, Blake Snyder's concepts of structure sound interesting.

    Have a great weekend writing!

  2. LOVE Save the Cat! I consult my beat sheet all the time! Glad you were able to get back to writing!

  3. There have been so many different people who have had nothing but positive things to say about Save The Cat! It's on my TBR book list.