Monday, July 30, 2012

Mastering the Mile

Well ... we are full force into the volleyball season ... even though tryouts aren't until the end of next week. Summer leagues started the beginning of July and then camps began. Last week my daughter attended six FULL days (sometimes 10 hours worth) of volleyball camps.

Now, she has twelve days to master the mile. New varsity coach this year is requiring each of the girls to run a mile before the tryout session begins. If they want to make varsity, they need to run the mile in 7 minutes 45 seconds. This is fine. My daughter is physically fit, but she's not a runner. When we first learned of this new requirement, we went out and timed her mile. 10:30. ack. That was in the middle of the summer leagues and there wasn't a lot of time to work on improving it. Just before the volleyball camps, we timed it again. 9:32. Sweet. She shaved off nearly a minute. Today, we began the work of really improving her time before tryouts next Friday. Her time this morning: 8:45. Nice.

I'm sure she can master it. But she does not enjoy running.

Any tips for mastering the mile from my running pals out there? (I am SO NOT a runner!! I walk the track and cheer her on as she passes me each time!)


  1. Maybe running will grow on her. It sounds to me like she's got a heck of a good start on it.

  2. A fellow non-runner here, but good luck to you and your daughter. My girl quit soccer simply because she didn't like running.

    Sounds like she's on the right path, practice, practice, practice.

  3. I'm not one for giving myself the runaround, either. Despite the fact I played rugby in university.

    Good luck to your daughter. That's a brutal demand from the coach.

  4. I love running, but I can't say I'm the best at it. I know that not slumping over and pulling up from your core helps a lot. Good luck to her! I'm sure she'll nail that mile. :)

  5. If she trains long distance, the mile will seem less awful. :) Good luck!