Monday, August 20, 2012

Back to the Beginning

Well ... I've nearly reached the end of my WIP first draft ... but I'm struggling with how to end it. So, I think I'm going back to the beginning to do a revision round. Maybe then, I will figure out the specifics for ending the story.

What do you think?

Do you have tips and tricks for wrapping up a story?

Check back on Wednesday and I'll share Blake Snyder's tips (from SAVE THE CAT) for wrapping up the story.


  1. I do that a lot...primarily because I need to review the first 200+ pages. Once I've done that the ending just pours out of me. Great idea!

  2. Can't help on this one. I always have my ending before I start writing. I may not know how I'm going to get there but I always know where I'm going to be.

  3. I usually have the ending scene planned way in advance, may even have been rehearsing it in my mind (or er, the shower) for a long time.

    What's hard for me is recognizing if events in the story have shifted to the point where my planned ending is no longer the right one and deciding to make a change.

  4. I definitely would re-read/re-vise first. My guess is the ending will hit you at some point in that process. That sometimes happens to me, too. Good luck!

  5. I had that problem the first time I started trying to write a novel. I had no idea how or when it ended. This time around, I know exactly where the story ends, it's just a matter of pulling all the little pieces together so everything gets wrapped up at the right place.

    I guess re-read is the best option. Hope you find it!