Friday, November 9, 2012

Blog Break

Oh. Boy. My posts lately have been inconsistent. My apologies! I realized this morning that maybe I should take a break for the holidays and come back fresh in the new year with great posts and great consistency!! :-)

So, while I'm gone, please check out my previous posts on writing topics (see the sidebar) and check out our fellow blogging buddies by clicking on my followers' buttons to the right.

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving (for my U.S. friends) and a Merry Christmas in December.

I will be back full strength on January 1st. I'll even offer prizes and give-aways to make sure you come back to visit me then. Mark your calendar.



  1. Hi, Margo! Enjoy your blog break. See you in 2013.

  2. Enjoy the break! Sounds like the perfect chance to refresh. :)

  3. Have a great break! See ya in 2013! :)

  4. Enjoy your break, Margo! I'm switching off all social media in December, and hoping to come back afresh in the new year.

  5. Have a great blogging break Margo! Happy Thanksgiving to you and Merry Christmas...and a Happy New Year! :D