Wednesday, January 2, 2013

IWSG: New Beginnings

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So ... did you make resolutions yesterday? Scroll down to see mine. The first item on the list is "to remain calm and enjoy the beauty of each day."

This may seem obvious to many of you or even unnecessary to list; however, for me, there has been so much chaos in the last six to twelve months of my life, my everyday to-do lists have been ridiculous. I find it highly stressful when there is more to accomplish than 24 hours will allow. As a result, I have added to my everyday to-do list (as the first item) "remain calm." I figure if I can at least accomplish that, the day will be much better.

Also, I've been reading a book about the benefits of vitamin B-12 (review to come soon). I think when we eat right and put the proper nutrients and vitamins into our bodies, we are able to more naturally remain calm, have more energy, and be able to accomplish the necessary things on our to-do list.

And on a spiritual note, I pray each morning that my path will be guided. I know it is impossible to finish everything on my to-do list in one day. So I ask God that He will guide my path to help me accomplish the most important things that day - whatever those things may be - on my list or not.

Whatever might be on your to-do list today, I hope that you find peace, remain calm, and enjoy the beauty of the day.

I look forward to spending 2013 with you!

What's on your list today?


  1. I sure I could probably use more vitamin B-12. I'd like to meditate more, to improve my ability to clear my mind. Happy New Year!

  2. Remaining calm is definitely the key! Best of luck - I hope this year brings everything you're hoping for.

  3. Prayer alone probably helps with the calm.
    B-12 is for energy. Brain and body.
    May this year be much better for you!

  4. Hi Margo. I hope you manage to fit 25 hours into each day in 2013.

  5. I find there is so much involved with turning out competent writing: state of mind, mental health, physical health, carving out time to do it, persistence, plus all of the craft-related components. Your resolutions sound spot on. Good luck with your writing and hope that stress melts away in 2013!

  6. The "remain calm" this is so important and so tricky, isn't it? One of the best bits of advice I ever got was, "Everything is not important, and everything is not your job."

  7. Prayer always gets me through when anxiety attacks. I enjoyed your post.