Wednesday, February 13, 2013

THINK before you REVISE!

Hopefully, you are WAY smarter than I am, and when you read the passage below, you will think to yourself, "Well, of course!" I, on the other hand, read it and had to think very hard and ask myself, "Is that why my current project is taking so long to revise?" SHEESH.

THINK before you REVISE. It could save you a ton of time and effort!!!

Deborah Halverson writes, "Create a revision list that you can work through item by item during several different passes through the manuscript. Prioritize your revision list so that big-picture items (such as character, plot, and setting work) are first, followed by smaller items (such as language tweaks). You want to start big and finish small to avoid revising specific sentences that may be completely omitted when you fix a bigger problem" (p. 203, WRITING YOUNG ADULT FICTION FOR DUMMIES).

Okay. Back to work.



  1. Thank you for the tips. I definitely need a fiction book for dummies, as when it comes to revisions, I feel like a dummy.

  2. That's a good tip, and I can't believe someone's done a Dummies book re: revising!