Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My Yoga is Better Than Your Yoga!

So ... my friend Lisa posted on Facebook this week that she mastered the CROW pose:

BTW: This is not Lisa, but a picture I found at:

Sure ... that's great! I do yoga, too. I've mastered the DOWNWARD DOG pose:

BTW: This is not Margo, but a picture I found at:

Just another lesson in why we should not compare ourselves to others. We each go at our own pace, and if we are at least on the PATH and pointed in the RIGHT direction, that's what matters!

Do you do yoga? What's your favorite pose?


  1. Wise advice. I held the crow position for about a quarter-second once...then I toppled. ;)

  2. I've almost mastered the relaxation pose.

  3. I can't say I have a favorite pose. BUT, poses with animal names beat me. I am learning to win. But it's hard to quiet this mind.
    Oh, and damn that Lisa... ;-)

  4. I don't yoga, but I ride my bike 10 miles per day...does that count? :-)

  5. Shoulder stand may be my favorite, but corpse post is pretty awesome