Monday, April 15, 2013

ME or I ?

Does it ever frustrate you when popular song lyrics are grammatically incorrect? There are several songs out there that misuse "you and I" ... *sigh*

Here are the basic rules:
* When used as the subject of a sentence, I is the correct pronoun.
* When used as the object of a verb or preposition, me is the correct pronoun.

It gets tricky when you use a compound subject or object, but the rule is the same. If it is a compound subject, use I. If it is a compound object, use me.

For example, here are some correct sentences:
I love my children. (subject of sentence)
My children love me. (object of verb)
My husband and I love our children. (compound subject)
Our children love my husand and me. (compound object)

For more information on the topic check out these popular websites: (but keep in mind, this blog post was written in 2007 BEFORE the Lady Gaga song titled "You and I" - - - the song this blogger references is NOT the Lady Gaga song)

Can you think of any popular songs that violate grammar rules? Share!


  1. I have a doubt. Which usage is right: "This is I" OR "This is me"?

    I think it's the latter, but I'm not sure...

    1. This = subject
      is = verb
      ME = object

      Since the pronoun is the object, ME is the correct pronoun to use.

  2. This is one that takes a while for kids to learn, but I've been proud to see that mine are finally getting it right (at least most of the time).

  3. No, songs don't frustrate me unless I wake up with one looping in my thoughts. It doesn't make a difference if it's grammatically correct, or not. I still can't get back to sleep.

  4. I still have trouble using "me". I know when I should but I want everything to be "I". It just sounds better. Then there's my son who says things like "Me and Kim went to the store." I think he may do it just because it makes me crazy.

  5. The correct usage of this was something I remember learning in high school and the way to tell still sticks with me. The only time I ignore the rules for this is when writing dialogue.

  6. Me. It's always about me. :D Just kidding. Been trying to teach this to my kids!!

  7. I think I can get my head around the compound part - what would happen if you took away the other part, right?

  8. Margo, you've chosen a very intersting subject for the Challenge. I'll be scrolling through.

  9. Hey Margo, thanks for visiting and following my blog:D It's so fun to see how we post the same subjects (and check out the different choices for various letters.) Good examples here. I probably should have used more on my post.

    See you tomorrow:)

  10. I did some major learnin' on this one with the revision of my novel. I think I've got it down.