Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Busy Month

Oh. It is a busy month. End of school year for my daughter. Transition from college to mission for my second son. Family coming to town. Friends coming over to visit. Weeds growing in the garden.

And I am working hard to finish my manuscript.


What are you busy with this month?


  1. Hi Margo, we're busy with our English classes. Increasing numbers coming for English class, trying to schedule everyone in!

    Duncan in Kuantan
    Kuantan nature photos

  2. Lol, I have weeds growing in my garden, too. And dishes piling up in the kitchen. Things tend to get very messy around here when I'm writing. This month is the start of my first draft, which I've challenged myself to complete by the end of summer.

    Hope your writing is going well. Enjoy the rest of May!

    The Pedestrian Writer's NaNoWriMom challenge

  3. I'm neck deep in edits again this month. Although, taking a break today.

  4. Waiting for galleys and starting a new WIP. Waiting is not my strong point! Have fun with the family!