Wednesday, October 9, 2013

NCAA & College Applications

Whew. I'm trying to navigate the world of NCAA Eligibility and college applications. I've already had two boys attend college, but I've never had a child interested in college sports before. I had no idea it was so complicated.

So ... if you've ever played college sports, or if you have any experience or insights to the world of NCAA ... please share your advice in the comments!

I am reading HOW TO PREPARE A STANDOUT COLLEGE APPLICATION by Chisolm and Ivey ... and it says: "Your child may or may not have a realistic view of his or her artistic or athletic talents" (page 206). It goes on to say, "Because coaches do make their choices early .. contact coaches ... your junior year" (page 207-208).

Epic fail.

Well, it is what is. We'll do what we can to make her dreams come true. ;)

Did you or one of your children play sports in college?


  1. Have you made a profile page for your child at We found this site extremely effective in helping our daughter with her aspirations to play softball in college. She was heavily recruited, but only interested in Division 3 schools (ultimately she chose University of Chicago). She took all three of her official visits - and enjoyed them all immensely. One piece of advice we received that proved invaluable was to choose a school based on the school - not a coach. There are no guarantees that the coach will be there your entire school career, but ultimately the school is what is most important. Good luck!

  2. Good advice above! Bet you are proud of your girl. Happy times:)

  3. No help from here but I wish you luck.