Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Worthwhile Blog Posts

I've been blog hopping, and I thought I'd share some really great posts with you. :) Be sure to click on the link for the full article. I've included a tiny snippet below to catch your interest.

A great post about making money as a writer (self-publish or traditional or hybrid?):
"For authors deciding how to publish their work, the key question is this: Is there some set of practices that any author might adopt to improve chances of gaining readers and income from self-publishing, or are there advantages related to being a traditionally published author that might remain out of reach for the vast majority of self-published authors?"

An interesting post about the role of literary agents:
"... the agenting world has changed dramatically, a reaction to the emerging digital reading marketplace and the changing acquisition strategies of publishers are a result of ownership changes at the biggest publishing houses."

A GREAT post about query letter problems:
"... they are something that gives us pause and makes us rethink whether or not this is something we’re willing to take on, because all of these things do give us a more difficult job going into the relationship.  And yes, we have said No to projects in the end because of the above reasons."

AND ... here are two great blogs that I'm excited to be a part of:
OneFour KidLit
Darkly Delicious YA

Have you found any great blogs post recently?
Share your favorite! (Please.)


  1. Margo, some good info in those articles. I have a few agents blogs I like to read to keep tabs on the business. I'm connected to a few publishers as well that helps with the same thing. My writing group has some good blogs with good info too.

    Sia McKye Over Coffee

  2. Awesome round up, Margo! Sylvia Ney did a great guest post for me on common writing fears and how to overcome them. It's over at Write Me A World if you want to check it out.

  3. Hi, Margo. Thanks for sharing these links. They all look interesting.