Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Best #Bloggers = Stephanie Scott & Sia McKye

Featured for today's #AtoZChallenge - @StephScottYA & @SiaMcKye   

Over the years I've learned so much, made so many friends, and been uplifted by so many great bloggers! As a result, I'm recognizing some of the best bloggers for this year's A to Z Challenge. These bloggers have shared knowledge, promotions, jokes, guidance, support, and more. Scroll on down to meet the next set of bloggers.

To the BEST BLOGGERS in the world - I say, "Thank you!"

S is for Stephanie Scott and Sia McKye.

Stephanie Scott is a young adult writer who loves to celebrate other writers' successes ... such as Lisa Brown Roberts and her debut novel. In this recent guest post, Lisa shares lessons about being a debut author. I love authors who celebrate other authors. That's the kind of world I want to live in every day. :)

Sia McKye's blog states: "SHARING THE LAUGHTER AND THE TEARS, THE GLITCHES AND THE TRIUMPHS, AUTHORS FACE IN THE PURSUIT OF THEIR AMBITION TO WRITE." In a recent post, she shared some excellent tips: “If we’re writing, editing, or have gotten stuck ask yourself as the actor in the scene:
·       What’s my motivation?
·       How am I going to get what I want (intention and tactics)?
·       What’s the conflict? Or what’s keeping me from getting what I want?
·       What’s my environment and how is it affecting me? This is context.”

Please take two minutes to stop by these two awesome blogs and thank them for all they contribute to the blogosphere!


  1. Hey, thanks! You are awesome for that. And it's true. Nothing is more exciting to me than seeing a writer I "met" online or through a contest or at a writing convention, and to see them sign with an agent, or sell a book. I was so excited to see a fellow romance writer member's book at Target. Target!!

    Thanks for the blog love! I'm revamping my blog soon with more posts about non-writing stuff, but I plan to still promote authors I know and am a fan of :)

  2. I know Sia but not Stephanie. Guess I need to hop that way.

  3. I featured Sia today as well! She is so awesome.

  4. This is a fabulous theme. I hate that I've missed so many of your post, but I will get through your entire alphabet. I might not finish until the middle of May, but I will get it done. I hope you won't mind if I steal this theme next year. I love it. It is a terrific way to honor and pay tribute to the bloggers you discover throughout the year. I wish I would have thought of this. And now I am off to visit the bloggers you honored for letter S. Be back tomorrow.

  5. Hello there.
    What a lovely gesture and theme.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Entrepreneurial Goddess

  6. Margo, thank you. It was very nice to see this. :-)

    I do enjoy sharing books from authors but my focus has never been THE BOOK (I'm not a book blog) but author, the writer behind the book. As writers we all have glitches and triumphs. How we work through those glitches encourage other writers to keep trying. I've had some bestsellers on the blog but looking at problems they face in their writing helps all writers to realize we all face similar problems when we write. Triumphs come when we perservere and overcome. :-) I hope some of the writers I've featured help encourage other writers where ever they are on their writing path.

    Sia McKye Over Coffee