Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Best #Bloggers = Van Sickler & Verbosity Book Reviews

Featured for today's #AtoZChallenge: @kimvansickler & @VerbosityRevws

Over the years I've learned so much, made so many friends, and been uplifted by so many great bloggers! As a result, I'm recognizing some of the best bloggers for this year's A to Z Challenge. These bloggers have shared knowledge, promotions, jokes, guidance, support, and more. Scroll on down to meet the next set of bloggers.

To the BEST BLOGGERS in the world - I say, "Thank you!"

V is for Kim Van Sickler and Verbosity Book Reviews.

Kim Van Sickler, over at Swagger Writers, recently posted “Writing a readable book is one thing; writing a page-turner is another. Writing a book that resonates with the reader, one that strikes a chord deep inside and reverberates with meaning, pulses with purpose, is another step beyond.” [Editorial note: When I originally selected Kim to feature for today's post, she was still actively blogging. I'm sad to say she is no longer posting, but her site still has archives of great posts.]

Not only does the Verbosity Book Reviews site feature reviews, but it also features other writing related posts! This recent post "Expectation vs. Reality: Writer's Edition" is a fantastic look at the life of a writer. It certainly made me smile ... and grimace a little, too.


Please take two minutes to stop by these two awesome blogs and thank them for all they contribute to the blogosphere!


  1. Oh! Sad to see Swagger Writers had closed. I thought I was just there. Kim is great, and Verbosity looks good too.

  2. What an awesome theme. I'll have to keep these in mind and the other ones from your earlier posts.

    Just stopping by as I'm going through my 2014 A to Z posts to see whose doing it this year.

  3. Hi Margo! I just saw this on Twitter. Ha! Thank you for the mention! I do miss blogging and hope to return to it someday. I am glad you are still going strong!