Wednesday, October 14, 2015

National #CyberAware Month Presentation

The Council of Catholic Women invited me to speak to them about online safety and my novel, WHO R U REALLY?, and I was very impressed with this dynamic group of women. They devote their time and efforts to the service of others, and nearly fifty people attended the presentation Monday night. Frankly, my favorite overheard line of the night was when the committee chairperson for funeral meals spoke to the group about their efforts. She inadvertently said, "These funeral meals are so good, they are simply to die for." ... uh ... Then she realized what she said, apologized, and everyone laughed.

During my presentation, I shared important online safety tips, such as how to protect your private information on social media and how to avoid fraud on the internet. I also shared behind the scenes details of my novel, WHO R U REALLY?, including who the predator was in real life.

Here are few pictures from the evening:

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