Wednesday, March 2, 2016

#IWSG: Inspiring Quotes for Your Daily #Writing

Here are FIVE quotes to help get your fingers tapping on the keyboard today!

"Look for nodes of conjunction, such as setting. For instance, suppose in your main story line you have a wedding, while a subplot involves a breakup. Why not have both occur at the same time and in the same place?" -- Donald Maass (WRITING THE BREAKOUT NOVEL, p.188)

"Setting is a powerful storytelling element, and it certainly makes its mark on dialogue. Where you set a scene shapes what the characters in the scene say and how they say it." -- Deborah Halverson (WRITING YA FICTION FOR DUMMIES, p.80)

"Show, Don't Tell ... You want to make sure the audience knows about a guy's N.Y. Giants past? Show team pictures on the wall of his apartment." -- Blake Snyder (SAVE THE CAT, p. 147)

"Capture how a place makes a point-of-view character feel." -- Donald Maass (WRITING THE BREAKOUT NOVEL, p.101)

"Think of each scene as a mini-movie. It must have a beginning, middle, and an end. And it must also have something happen that causes the emotional tone to change drastically." -- Blake Snyder (SAVE THE CAT, p. 110)


  1. Great quotes! We can learn something from each one. :)

  2. Thank you for those quotes. I will make those my kick in the pants to get some writing done today.

  3. We all need this kind of push, Margo, thanks.

  4. I'm really behind the setting as a major player in any story. I'm not so keen on the showing, not telling. I'm reading some powerful books that do a masterly job of telling the story.

  5. I love all these quotes and completely agree with them. I do my best to choose great settings and then use them to add tension to the story line. I'm an outliner and that's helped me be more organized so I don't let setting/dialog/theme opportunities slip by. Thanks for sharing the awesome quotes! :)