Friday, June 24, 2016

Review Copies are Available!

If you are a book blogger, librarian, or bookseller you can read UNLOCKED before it officially releases to the public!

It's easy!

Simply click on over to Edelweiss and request a digital copy.

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  1. Just finished the new book by Margo Kelly in 2 days...Ever since she participated in a hypnotist show at the county fair, Hannah isn’t feeling quite herself. She feels guilty and upset about a causing a car crash that hurts her friends, and now she’s starting to see things, like crawling ants and pink elephants, and she’s not quite sure if they’re real or not. Back at school everyone is treating her horribly and she ends up being placed in an art class where she meets some new students that are a little different from her normal group of friends. Hannah feels confident with her new friend Plug, and he begins to help her try to understand what is happening to her, even setting up camera monitoring software on her computer. Meanwhile Hannah learns the truth of what happened to her father and is worried that she may end up like him. Margo Kelly’s Unlocked is a suspenseful thriller all the way to the very climatic ending! This good vs. evil story had me guessing the ending until the final pages. Kelly is very descriptive in her writing and details that I felt I was there right along with the main characters. Think that carnival side shows are harmless? Think again!

    1. Thank you for the terrific review! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. :)