Friday, October 14, 2016

Radio Interviews in Boise ID

I had so much fun visiting local radio shows yesterday morning. A big THANKS to Kevin Murphy and Melissa Dawn of the "Murphy & Melissa in the Morning" show on KHITS 107.1 radio. (They are so funny! They had me in stitches before we ever began the on-air interview.) After we finished that interview, I headed over to 94.9 The River and discussed my book UNLOCKED with Tim and Misty on the "River Morning" show. Tim and Misty are book lovers! YAY for reading. And I'm so glad I didn't accidentally belch during either interview. Below are some pictures for your viewing pleasure. At the bottom of this post is the audio file from the interview with Tim & Misty, so take a listen!

Click on the audio button below to listen to the interview with Misty & Tim on 94.9FM The River.

My most profound statement during the interview (feel free to quote me) ... "If you want to be a writer, you need to write something." Wow. That makes me sound really smart. ha!

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  1. How exciting. Congratulations!!!! I'd be super nervous, but the things that make us nervous are the best things that happen to us, I've found!