Friday, November 1, 2019

Book Review: BOUND BY HIS WORD by Christi Corbett

Oh, boy, oh, boy! Historical romance is not normally my go-to genre, but this book was SO good! Scroll on down for my complete review.

by Christi Corbett
November 1, 2019
ISBN: 978-1702340274

Description from Publisher:
As he held his dying best friend in his arms, Luke Higgins made a promise—to return a locket to the man’s wife. He arrives to find a proud yet exhausted woman, struggling to run the town’s sole restaurant while raising her young son. Luke hires on as her cook, figuring he’ll stick around long enough to help her regain her footing, then hand over the locket and leave. Months later, with guilt gnawing on him worse than any of the injuries he sustained in battle, Luke finds himself falling for his best friend’s widow. Molly Fulton is intrigued by the handsome stranger whose willingness to work brings her much-needed funds, and something more precious than money—time with her son. She ponders a life with him as more than just her cook, until her son stumbles across a long-lost treasure hidden in Luke’s coat pocket. Can Molly forgive the man who entered her life because of a promise, but stayed because of a lie?

About the Author:
Christi Corbett, winner of the 2014 RONE Award for Best American Historical novel and the 2014 Laramie Award (First in Category for Pioneer/Prairie fiction), lives in a small town in Oregon with her husband and their twin children. The home's location holds a special place in her writing life; it stands just six hundred feet from the original Applegate Trail and the view from her back door is a hill travelers looked upon years ago as they explored the Oregon Territory and beyond.

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My Review:

Christi Corbett has written another captivating book, BOUND BY HIS WORD. 

Corbett has a talent for painting a picture of the past and pulling the reader into the story, and BOUND BY HIS WORD does not disappoint! Corbett has developed dynamic characters with threads of love and determination connecting each of them. I gobbled up the prose, wanting to find out what would happen next, and it is such a satisfying read. 

Whether you're a fan of historical romance or not, I highly recommend BOUND BY HIS WORD. Also, while this is book three in a series, you can read this one as a stand alone story and completely understand everything that happens within the pages.

[I received an early copy of this book for free from the author. This in no way influenced my opinion.]

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