Friday, January 15, 2010

Clicked "Send & Receive" Again!

Sometimes I don't even wait thirty seconds before hitting the "send/receive" button again. Sounds obsessive, eh? Well, I have an agent reading my finished manuscript titled "Manifested" right now. Her website says I should wait eight weeks before following up with her. Well, Sunday (that's two days away) will be the eight week mark.

As the mark draws closer, I keep thinking, "Surely, today will be the day I hear back from her." So, I click send/receive, again, in my Outlook Express. Nothing. (Well, there's other "stuff" that arrives in my email of course, but there's only one thing I'm really looking for in that inbox!)

Of course, most "success stories" tell how the agent PHONES the writer if interested in the manuscript. So, when the phone interrupted our family dinner this week (multiple times), I hopped right up and said to my family, "It could be my agent calling!" Nope. Not her.

Not yet!

So, Monday, I will write the dreaded follow-up email. Yes, dreaded. Why? Because so far, when I've written the dreaded follow-up email for previous query letters, an instant response followed: "Not interested."

Which amazes me... could they have not typed those two words weeks earlier and put me out of my misery of waiting? Sheesh.

Well, I should stop typing this post so that I can go click send/receive again. Maybe this time there will be an email from her. Maybe...

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