Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fishy fishy in the brook, come and bite my little hook...

I need a HOOK for my book so agents will look...

Couldn't I just attach a five dollar bill instead?

I will write an awesome query letter today with an awesome hook. 

Couldn't I just say, "Dear Agent, My book is awesome. Read it. Love it. Thanks." ???

According to Janet Reid (aka the Query Shark), you should not lead with a dependant clause. Oops.

According to another agent, you should start with the story hook. Another agent says start with the title, genre, and word count. Another agent says give a bio. But another says a bio is irrelevant.

Here's the above paragraph retold in a joke format (borrowed from: Agent Rachelle Gardner's blog):

How many agents does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Agent 1: Sorry, we're not accepting screw in light bulbs anymore. Bayonets only, and we only get them from the store.

Agent 2: We considered your light bulb but it's a bit too modern. Have you tried turning it into a candle?

A3: Loved your light bulb. Great light. Lots of illumination. Unfortunately, the agency's decided to remain in the dark indefinitely.


However, the agents all seem to agree that a HOOK is essential for them to want to LOOK at your BOOK.

Can you describe your favorite book with a one line hook?


  1. i would look a little bit longer for $5

  2. Well, now "anonymous"... are you a member of the AAR or just out for a quick $5? hmm? Either way IT'S A DEAL!