Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Public Flogging - ACK!

Seriously... who would intentionally submit themselves to a public flogging?

... me ...

Check out my favorite site for writers:

I need and appreciate the honest feedback, but now I need a box of tissues and a box of bandaids.  Tissues for obvisous reasons (kidding, I'm not a crier when it comes to harsh feedback), and Bandaids for the wounds sustained from banging my head against the wall (not kidding).

Here's an example of the feedback so far:

"There's promise of good content... and it's written with a good command of English... What's missing is an understanding of the craft of writing novels..."

hmm - go check out the site. You can vote (be HONEST - I do NOT need hand holding) whether you'd turn the page or not (cool process). And you can leave your comments as well.

I'll gladly accept any gifts of tissues, bandaids, or chocolates.


  1. I voted yes.

    Should I make some hot fudge and bring it over to sooth the writer's soul?

  2. Uh, yah! Could you bring brownies with it? :) And, looking at Flogging the Quill today, I think I held my own pretty well based on the votes. Many writers receive 90% "no" votes. I was closer to the 50% range. I'm okay with that. I'll take the constructive critism and improve the writing. It's all good.