Wednesday, February 3, 2010

No sharp objects!

I've decided I'm no longer allowed to use sharp objects. Only butter knives for me!


Because I've discovered it is VERY hard to type with my pinky finger bandaged. Yup. Monday, I nearly sliced the tip of my little finger off with a steak knife - - I was cutting a bagel. Bad choice.

I use that finger for the shift, Q, A, Z, keys. These keys mAy not seem importAnt to you right now, but trust me, if your finger is bAndgAged, you suddenly reAliZe how mAny times those letters AppeAr in your sentences!

Too bad I didn't have Luke (fictional main character of Manifested) here to heal the cut for me. :) By the way... have you read the first chapter yet and posted your opinion?  Check it out here: You can post your opinion on my facebook fanpage (link in sidebar) or here on this blog.

OkAy, bAck to work.

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