Saturday, February 6, 2010


An email I received today:

"Dear Author,

... A form rejection is a paltry return for the time and effort you put into your work ..."


At first I stopped on the "Dear Author" part (an immediate sign of rejection - - why continue to read?) but I track my query letters and responses in an excel file, and so I read on to see who the letter was from.

This response related to a query I sent in August 2009. Yup. Paltriness.

What's worse than a response that takes six months? No response at all. What's worse than a "Dear Author" salutation? No response at all.


I say, "Dear Agent, Thank you for your tardy and paltry response. I appreciate the time it took you to cut and paste your form rejection and send it to me."

Really, in all sincerity, I do.

And, I like the word paltry. :)

Another Tootsie Pop for the jar. I'm good.

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