Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Writing goal...

I'm currently striving to meet a goal of at least 2000 words per day (M-F). It's going well so far. But once the clock strikes 9am, the phone starts to ring and I have trouble ignoring it. My goal is to hit 70,000 words within seven weeks. Then start the revision process. Then I will have a new book to query. Because I just love that query process so much (not). But, hey, statistics show that most authors don't get their first book published. So, logically, I need to get the second book finished. I've learned so much during the last year with the first book, it makes sense the second book should be better right?

Here are the books that have helped me:
"Self-Editing for Fiction Writers" by Browne and King
"The Fire in the Fiction" by Donald Maass

I'm going to read another Donald Maass book next.

Websites that have helped me are listed in the sidebar. Check them out.

Back to writing...


  1. I am editing my first book feverishly while writing my second book. The second book is a sequel so sometimes changes I do in one of the two affects the other.

  2. Good luck! Right now my goal is 500 words a day. Nothing too big but it's manageable with editing another novel and having a job. I hope to up it to 1000 soon.

  3. I doubled my word goal yesterday, because today I'm off for a pedicure at the spa and a fun day with a girl friend! YAY. But, I already miss my characters. I may need to write some later today just so I can say hello to them. HA. They live in my head... at least I think the voices are theirs. HA