Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day at the spa...

Mmm, Hmm. We all need one. If I could figure out how to get pictures off my new cell phone - I'd show you my pretty toes. Oh well... use your imagination (but imagine my feet skinnier than they actually are).

[Sidenote: did you know you can find pictures of anything via google? Crazy. These are not my toes. But totally how I picture my toes in my head. In fact, my toes are fatter.]

While at the spa getting a pedicure, I sat and thought about characters. The more I write the more I think about writing. I meet people, watch people, talk to people, and think to myself: you need to be a character in my book.

I've even stopped and typed notes into my cell phone (uh, oh! that reminds me... I need to get those notes off my old cell phone! I'd better write another note...). I write reminders of what these larger than life characters said and did. For example, one day I was driving down the road and a guy in an old beat up pickup truck swerved a bit. I thought, what the heck is he doing? And then, he spat out the window. Ew. He must be chewing tabacco and spitting. Ick. Mental note, stay out of his spit-zone. But then, we stopped at the stop light. He was next to me. I had to look. He was brushing his teeth! REALLY! He had a toothbrush in one hand and picked up a water bottle with the other. Rinsed and spat out the window again. Huh. Light turned green. He drove on, still brushing his teeth.

I could tell you about the red-neck dad in Cabella's (camping & hunting store) with two little toddlers in tow and a baby in the shopping cart and what he explained to them about his truck. (Lots of trucks in Idaho)

I could tell you about the optometrist who spoke so fast I could hardly keep up. He kept waving his hands and asking, "Do you know what I mean? Do you know what I mean?" I'm pretty sure he meant he had to much coffee to drink that day. HA.

Anyhow... I enjoyed my day at the spa... but I had trouble focusing. I had a physical need to write.


  1. Margo I agree that life is inspiration. All my characters at least in a small way are based on the aray of interesting people I have met in my life. Major events have also made it into my writing: studying abroad, an internet scandal, my first romantic relationship...