Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I can eat cookies for breakfast, if I want to!

Interestingly enough, as an adult, I can choose to eat cookies (homemade chocolate chip cookies) for breakfast, if I want to!  Now, granted, eating cookies for breakfast might not necessarily be the healthiest choice, but none-the-less, it's a choice I can make.
Another choice I can make as an adult, is not to explain myself. I remember many many years ago, little neighborhood kids were playing with my kids inside our house, the commotion was grinding on my nerves (I'm so NOT a patient mother), and I wanted the neighbor kids to GO HOME! But, I let the commotion continue thinking, what excuse can I give the kids for sending them home? Then it occurred to me. I'm the adult. It's my house. I can send them home if I want to, with no excuses. So, I went to the kids and told them it was time for them to go home. Of course, they whined and asked why. I said, "Because I said so."  Ha. I remembered as I kid, I hated that answer from an adult. Ha. But, now I know it's absolutely okay to say - to anyone. Don't want to go to the movies with the annoying person who chatters all the way through it? Just say no thank you. When they whine and ask why? Just say, "Because I don't want to." We don't have to give excuses. And guess what? If the friend is offended and never asks you to the movies again... what's lost?

Anyhow. I need to be a writer. That way, when things get on my nerves, I can rewrite the scene. When a character annoys me, I can eliminate them from the script. When I make an unpopular choice, I can say the characters in the story did it (ha). When I'm craving a certain food, I can describe it and have my characters eat it all they want.


  1. Good thoughts! I always feel like I need to have an excuse and it's been a long road for me to realize that I don't ever have to explain myself. I have become fine with people who cancel plans for no reason. I tell people "If you don't want to go, just tell me" and when they do, I say "Alright!" with no guilt. Now I need to do the same for myself. ;)

  2. I never ate vegetables as a kid. Combine that with my short parents and I never made it past 4'11''. I still suck at eating my vegetables. People have often told me that when I have kids someday I will have to lead by example. I agree.

    When my future kids whine about not eating vegetables I will stand up and say, "4'11''. I didn't eat vegetables, this is your future."

    Then I'll watch them funnell the vegies down their little throats.