Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What I did over the weekend

This is just one 15"x15" block of a nine block quilt. A crazy amount of embroidery and piecing make up this quilt. But, when I saw it - I instantly fell in love with it. I bought the instructions and supplies and was promised by the seller that the packet contained complete instructions. Right. Well, I had to google applique techniques and then I had to google instructions for a blanket stitch. Not to mention, the fabric in the kit does not match the fabric pictured in the instructions! Sheesh.
Talk about buying a book because of its cover and then being disappointed with the contents!  Never-the-less, I've come up with a strategy and I'm back to enjoying the quilting process.

But it makes me think... when we write a query letter for our manuscripts, what are we promising? When an agent then reads are manuscript, are they thinking "What the heck?" Or are we delivering exactly what we advertised in our query letter? The two need to match up. No bait and switch. 

I've promised myself, I must finish my first draft of my current WIP before I go back and rework the query for my first ms. It's been motivating to write more and write faster on my WIP.  But I still keep thinking about my first ms... I'm determined to get it published... but I need to re-work a few things first!


  1. As soon as I finished teh first draft I immediatly sent out query letters. What was I thinking? I am very fortunate that no one was interested because my MS was far from ready.

    Fortunately both my query letter and my MS were poorly pacakged, so according to your post they did match up.

    Who would buy a candy bar that says: Contents taste as rich as cardboard, will add inches to your waist and thighs immediatly upon consumption, and cause massive indigestion. Enjoy!

  2. Great Post, Margo! Your first WIP will be published!