Monday, August 16, 2010

Are people born mean?

Nah. I don't think so! But, I often wonder what happened to a person to make them so MEAN!?

Saturday, at Quilt Crossing in Boise (I sell Bernina sewing machines), I thought I would be nice (ha - sometimes requires effort on my part). I told a couple of the ladies working they could go take their lunch breaks, and I'd cover the registers. So, multi-tasking (my first mistake), I cut fabric, answered questions, rang up sales, and tried to smile and be nice to everyone...

I had cut a piece of fabric for one lady and started her sale in the computer. She walked off to look at more fabric, so I thought I could quickly ring up a sale for a customer who patiently waited. As I'm doing that, the other lady stomps toward the front door. I asked her if she still wanted the fabric I'd already cut for her. She turned and told me how I was to slow for her and she didn't have all day to wait for me. She huffed and stormed out the door.

For some reason that really flustered me. Usually, I don't allow people to upset me so much. But, when I am working for someone else, I feel like I can't necessarily say the things I would normally if it was just me on my own time. This lady was MEAN! And I wanted to tell her to not bother coming back. Stinker. But, I bit my tongue and let her stomp away.

Afterward, the other employees looked at her name (it was in the computer for the sale I'd started for her) and they said, "Oh, no!" They went on to tell me that this lady would be calling the owner of the store to tell her how awful I was... because she's done it before to them. She's a repeat offender.


People like that need to be hit upside the head. Or be given free counseling. Something.

So, I wonder, what happened to her to make her so mean?

Why are mean people mean?

Do they just need a hug? Or a serious whack?

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