Thursday, September 9, 2010

Finding Your Voice

Many writers discuss the topic of "voice." Many agents say they will only sign a writer with a strong "voice."

What is "voice" and how do you get it?  Well, the answer to that is quite vague, and you could spend days blog hopping and researching to find a "maybe" kind of answer.  However, after reading one issue of Glimmer Train from cover to cover, I understand much better what "voice" is. And, I think I'll start reading the next issue right away, because I've learned more about voice from this one issue than I have from any other form of reading or research I've done on the topic.

While I was impressed, confused, and moved by the first story in the issue, I was even more influenced as I went from one story to the next. The stories in this issue each have an obvious and distinct voice. It's been a great lesson to read one story and immediately go into the next story and see, read, feel, the distinct change in voice. Amazingly, Glimmer Train provides not only a great demonstration of voice, but it also gives examples of impressive language, word choices and sentences, which leaves the reader considering the images long after setting the story down.

If you want to read great stories, buy a copy. If you want to improve your writing craft, buy a copy. :)

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