Friday, September 10, 2010

Maybe sugar wasn't a good choice for breakfast?

So, last night there was an employee meeting at the Quilt Crossing. We have a dinner buffet during these meetings, and these ladies KNOW how to cook. YUM! Me? Not so much. When I learned I needed to bring a side dish or dessert, I thought, crap. So what did I do? Stopped at the store on the way and bought an $8 muffin-blueberry-almond-icingtopped-bundtcake-thing.

I took the plastic cover off before I set it on the table, so it would look homemade. Several people told me I was wasting my time. Go figure.

Anyhow, when I finally got a taste of it last night, I thought, Oh. My. Yum. And, I hoped hoped hoped nobody would want any because it was "store bought." Fine. By. Me. 

Hardly any was eaten. YAY!

So, I brought it home, and did not let myself have anymore last night. Talk about self-control.

But, I had dreams about it! Mmm.Hmm.

As soon as I got the kids out the door for school, guess what I did? Yup. That's right. Cut myself a BIG ol' piece and sat down and ate it. Most of it. I kinda feel a little woosey (is that a word) from it. I think I might have a sugar buzz.

Does that means I'm going to have a sugar crash in 30 minutes? I hope NOT. Because I've got a book to write/revise today. I have goals to accomplish.  Maybe not in 30 minutes. I think I feel a crash coming already. I can hear my bed calling me... Margo. Margo. Margo.

I. Will. Fight. The. Urge.

What did you have for breakfast? Healthy? Not Healthy? Jealous of my cake?


  1. First off, you made a critical mistake in the "why, yes, I did make this wonderful cake you see here". What you should have done was put it on your own platter/cake stand/cutting board :)

    Second, yes, I am jealous of the yummy cake and wish I was there to share a piece (or two). Especially since I've only had coffee today.

    And finally, fight the urge with COFFEE!

    Christi Corbett

  2. Actually, I meant to take a dish from home for that very reason, but I forgot it!! And, instead of coffee... I use chocolate. :) ha. Thanks for stopping by!